Communities In Schools of Greater Tarrant County is dedicated to making a real tangible impact on the lives of students in our community.

Dedicated to Impacting Lives

CISGTC’s program outcomes are documented and measured at two levels: School data, and Texas Education Agency evaluation. CISGTC tracks student grades, attendance, behavior, grade promotion, high school graduation, and post-secondary enrollment rates through school data, therefore no claim is made of achievements in these areas unless there is school-based documentation supporting it. As a CIS supporter and partner, the Texas Education Agency evaluates and certifies the data reported to them.



Grade Improvement

92% of students served improved in grades.



Improved Behavior

75% of students served improved in attendance.



Improved Attendance

75% of students served improved in attendance.


Promoted (Next Grade)

99% of students served stayed in school.


Graduated School

99% of students served stayed in school.


Stayed In School

99% of students served stayed in school.

Success Stories


Meet Madison, a CIS student whose family was left homeless due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Thankfully, Madison’s CIS social worker, Kim, was able to connect Madison and her family to a community of resources including securing a donated home!


Meet Junior, a star student, and athlete whose world came crashing down when his next pageneuigkeitenwhy not try this outwooden phone casehandyhülle xr mother passed away during his junior year of high school. Junior was able to triumph over tragedy thanks to his resilience and the help of his three CISGTC social workers.


Meet CIS alum and current Fort Worth ISD School Board Trustee Roxanne Martinez, and learn how CIS changed her past and shaped her present.


“I’ve never had a person in my life who would stand by my kids and also stand by me. She gave me hope to keep going. It’s nice to know that we have people like her at schools. I wish we had more of them.”

A parent describes working with her child’s CISGTC social worker.

Alma, Fort Worth Parent

What Teachers Say

“Communities In Schools of Greater Tarrant County is such an invaluable resource. As a school, we recognize that our students have needs that go beyond instruction. Sometimes we don’t have the capacity to reach the needs that the students have, but Communities In Schools can bridge that gap.”

Ryan Catala, Fort Worth ISD Principal