Versia L. Williams

Alejandro is a kindergarten student at Versia L. Williams Elementary who has struggled academically and socially throughout the 2012-2013 school year. Like many students at Versia, his family toils to make ends meet and speak very little English. Our CIS Project Manager (PM) works with Alejandro’s school counselor, diagnostician, and speech therapist to ensure he gets the best education possible.

The PM worked one-on-one with Alejandro to determine if his challenges with communication stemmed from a language barrier, speech impediment, or shyness. Using a combination of hand signals and Spanish, the PM was able to build a relationship with the young student. Through observation and interaction, it became apparent that Alejandro was suffering from hearing issues. This would explain his inability to progress in speech therapy, difficulty concentrating, and struggled to communicate with his peers.

The CIS PM made a home visit to speak with Alejandro’s mother to ensure that he would be scheduled to see a doctor, and that they would have proper transportation to and from the audiologist.  After the appointment, the PM met with the family, school nurse, and parent liaison so that Alejandro’s team of support could fully understand the results of the testing.

With proper treatment, Alejandro’s poor hearing will not affect his learning experience. The Communities In Schools PM relies on his team of support to ensure he and his family receive proper care. “With the assistance of Alejandro’s educational team, CIS was able to help his family overcome many hurdles when dealing with issues outside of the classroom that impact a student’s education. His team and I expect him to make significant progress next school year.”