Changing the Picture of Education

cis tarrant lindsey garner CEOThink back to your days as a young person in school. Who helped you most to achieve success? You might be thinking of a teacher, coach, family member, or a mentor. What were the biggest challenges you faced? WHAT IF you were poor, had experienced trauma, weren’t sure where your next meal was coming from, didn’t have clean clothes to wear to school, had a toothache, needed glasses, or were experiencing abuse or neglect? Who would have helped you? Who would you tell? And who would connect you with local services to help you and your family overcome these obstacles, to ensure your continued success?

That’s where Communities In Schools comes in. Our social workers are warriors. They walk beside a student and their family throughout the child’s time at school, providing integrated student supports, making home visits, and ensuring students stay on track for academic success. The answer to the “Who” questions I posed here is: CIS. Our area schools serve many, many children considered at-risk for a host of reasons. These students often perform poorly in school. Many eventually drop out, and people wonder why. Schools, by themselves, are not equipped to address these needs. It’s my feeling that every school should have someone working inside the campus, full-time, whose job it is to find out what’s going on behind the scenes…and respond. Someone to bring hope and help the student work toward a brighter future.

CIS is changing students’ lives. We invite you to learn more about our mission, and we look forward to finding ways to partner. Thank you for visiting us!

Lindsey Garner
President and CEO