Financial Report

Financial reporting ensures full and proper disclosure of financial records.

In a continuing effort to provide the highest standards of financial management and reports, CIS Tarrant provides online access to all financial information. 

2015 Financial Summary

Source of Funds

Contracts/School Fees $2,000,000 51.3%
Gifts/Events/Other $1,266,000 32.4%
Government Grants $638,000 16.3%
TOTAL $3,904,000 100%

Source of Funds 2013

Use of Funds

Programs 2,962,014 84.0%
Fundraising 392,795 11.1%
General Administration 170,905 4.9%
TOTAL $3,525,714 100%

Use of Funds 2013

990 Form -- Download

Independent 2016 Audit Report -- Download


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