Eastern Hills High School

Donovan is a sophomore at Eastern Hills High School. When our CIS Project Manager first met Donovan in December of 2012, he had given up hope on graduating. With a two year old child and another on the way, Donovan was struggling to make time for school. He was working to provide for his growing family, which caused him to fall behind in his coursework. Between work and incomplete credits, Donovan began to doubt the benefits of graduating with a high school diploma. Dropping out to work, he thought, would be a better solution for him and his family.

Just as Donovan thought he had exhausted all options, our CIS Project Manager (PM) intervened. She explained, “I gave Donovan other options that were unknown to him. I introduced him to a self-paced program that would allow him to come to school for half the day and then work the remaining half of the day.” Without the careful involvement from the CIS social worker, Donovan would likely have dropped out of school to join the workforce – a common decision among struggling high school students.

His PM is extremely proud of his informed decision to remain in school. “Today Donovan is still working towards graduation and taking care of his family. Donovan no longer considers dropping out of school an option, and looks forward to graduation.”