Central Junior High

When Lon enrolled in Communities In Schools in the 9th grade, he was frequently in trouble the with law enforcement, fighting with his mother, and regularly using drugs to cope with problems in his life. Lon soon transferred to Central Junior High, where he was able to be involved in the CIS program under Project Manager, Ms. Wagle. Ms. Wagle soon noticed that Lon was sleeping in class, failing his courses, and spent much time in ISS due to poor behavior.

Ms. Wagle learned, “Working one-on-one with Lon proved to be difficult at times. He was not interested in changing his behavior and wanted to drop out of school.” However, Lon son began to trust Ms. Wagle and other members of the faculty, like the Assistant Principal, Ms. Harvey.  CIS and the faculty worked very diligently to involve Lon in groups and activities with his peers. Lon started attending his classes and turning in his homework. Ms. Wagle soon noticed his whole demeanor changing.

This fall, Lon has worked hard to pass his classes, even while working part-time on the weekends. Lon has also been drug free for 4 months, replacing his drug abuse with healthy activities. His teachers constantly speak of Lon’s accomplishments and energy during class. Lon has plans of attending college in hopes of studying architecture.