Bellaire Elementary

Evan, a student at Bellaire Elementary, first joined the Communities In Schools program in the fall of 2012. At first glance, Evan seemed to be doing very well. He conversed confidently with others, had a sharp intellect, and was always alert. It wasn’t until closer examination, however, that the CIS Project Manager (PM) discovered that Evan was experiencing a troubling home life.

Evan’s excessive tardiness and absences lead the PM to conduct a few home visits to identify the source of the issue. She discovered that the student’s mother was working extra hours to pay the bills, leaving Evan alone most mornings and evenings. Our PM assured the mother that CIS was there to help in any way, whatever it takes. The mother also revealed that there was no food in the house to feed the family.

The CIS PM, determined to help Evan and his family, lobbied to get them on her Backpack Program, which was already full of other needy families. Her diligent campaigning was successful, and now Evan receives weekly meals. The PM also gave Evan an alarm clock to help with his tardiness. Within a week of receiving this aid, Evan was showing up to school on time and with a full stomach.

The Communities In Schools PM is confident in Evan, saying, “He has big aspirations and dreams, and I have no doubt that he will succeed in school and in life.”